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  • Our TOEFL classes focus on the exact skills you need to succeed on the TOEFL iBT®.
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Focus on the specific skills you need for rapid improvement

You don’t need a perfect level of English in order to succeed on the TOEFL exam. The fact is, the TOEFL exam requires a range of special skills not directly related to your English capacity. Our online TOEFL classes are designed to focus on the specific abilities you need to develop, so you can increase your score on the exam in as little time as possible.

Here are some of the specific test skills our TOEFL classes focus on:

toefl preparation course

Learn to prepare a spoken response on the Speaking section in less than 15 seconds and record it calmly in front of the computer.

curso toefl

Develop the skills needed to plan a logical argument and offer supporting points and then present it in a 225-word written essay in 30 minutes or less.

preparacion para examen toefl

Learn how to plan, structure and write your essay for the writing section of the exam for a maximum score.

curso toefl

Quickly identify the main theme in a reading section text as well as the supporting points and the conclusion.

curso toefl

Learn the strategy for answering multiple choice questions that will maximize your chances of picking the right answer.

toefl preparation course

Listen to a professor give a lecture and learn how to best take notes, identify the main points and answer questions about it with ease.

Your online TOEFL coach is a graduate of Harvard University

Your online TOEFL coach, Mark Browne, is an expert in TOEFL preparation and ESL learning. Born in Boston, Massachusetts, he is a graduate of Harvard University. Mr. Browne has trained hundreds of students, professionals, and adults since 2001. He is a bilingual instructor (English-Spanish) with more than 10 years of educational experience in TOEFL preparation, with a specialty in identifying students individual needs. Mr. Browne is the founder of the sites cvtraduccion.com and mexicotranslation.com.


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